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10 May 2022

Hairdresser Joshua Coombes travels all over the world starting conversations with homeless people through the simple act of a hair cut. His work sparked a global movement, #DoSomethingForNothing, which featured in Captain Fawcett’s Quintessential Grooming Guide for the Modern Gentleman. Now 5 years on... 

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08 May 2022

What ho chums!
Those of a horizontal inclination may wish to look away, for the time has come to bend and stretch! The body is capable of extraordinary things! It’s the mind we have to convince. So without further ado I present the Captain's A-Z of Exercise... 
A is for Age. My physician told me that exercise could add 10 years to my life. 

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05 May 2022

The Captain's RHMan, was in London with select members of the Fawcett crew on Saturday 23rd April, invited as VIP guests of rock star John Petrucci who recently won the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance with ‘The Alien’. John was in town with Dream Theater, to play Wembley on the British leg of their ‘Top of the World’ tour. 

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12 April 2022

Captain Fawcett is really rather chuffed and immensely proud to announce his Maharajah Eau De Parfum Signature Series collaboration with the highly esteemed Jodhpur Company has been announced as a Finalist in the Best New Niche Fragrance category for the Global Pure Beauty Awards 2022. The winners are to be announced in May.

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10 April 2022

The Invitation is a short film inspired by a magnificent portrait, commissioned by Captain Fawcett in celebration of the Maharajah Signature Series. This delectable gentleman’s grooming range comprises a Moustache Wax, Beard Oil, Beard Balm and opulent Eau De Parfum, created in close collaboration with The Jodhpur Company. 

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04 April 2022

Captain Fawcett is simply chuffed to bits to announce winning the prestigious Insider Media 'Made in Central & East England' Export Award. Huzzah! Speaking on the Captain’s behalf, the RHM said “we are truly honoured to be in such illustrious company and humbly accept this accolade on behalf of the esteemed Cast & Crew at Fawcett HQ...

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19 March 2022

Captain Fawcett is delighted to discover that his Post Shave Balm has been featured on Tajmeeli, currently the largest Arabic language website dedicated to all the ins and outs of cosmetic surgery and its intriguing alternatives. The soothing balm has been included in the article entitled Gifts for him: Grooming skincare products in 2022”. Huzzah!

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14 March 2022

Guest Correspondent: Oscar Collins. Here are seven photography tips to help you step up your beard selfie game...Huzzah! If you’ve grown some impressive facial hair, it’s only natural that you’d want to show it off. You don’t want to post just another ordinary selfie, though. You need a picture that’ll do your beard justice. AHTH

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14 March 2022

Captain Fawcett is delighted to present a brand new Face & Body Scrub to complement his delectable Captain Fawcett Body Wash and gold-medal winning Moisturiser*In fact this superb Scrub is such a natural partner with Captain's Moisturiser, we've decided to offer both items in one special introductory offer - for a limited time only!

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04 March 2022

Guest Correspondent: David Hill My hirsute journey started almost 9 years ago. How do I know that? (I hear you ask?). I can tell you because it coincides exactly around the time my first son was born. The beard was grown purely out of superstition. I decided to start growing facial hair as soon as I saw him, like it was a helm of protection. Do read on…

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21 February 2022

On 1st Feb 2022 artist Vincent Kamp unveiled a new painting at prestigious Mayfair Gallery, The Clarendon. It was specially created to support BarbersRide’s chosen charity, Make-A-Wish. The subject of the work is Pete MacGowan, winner of a unique raffle to sit for a portrait. And Pete happens to have completed his first BarbersRide in 2021 - in his mid-70s.

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18 January 2022

Guest Correspondent: Oscar Collins In the cosmetic industry, hygiene and other personal care items typically come in plastic packages and containers. These cases eventually get thrown away without being reused and recycled. However, you can reduce waste from your daily routine. Here are some things you can do right now to promote better choices...

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14 January 2022

As a Department of International Trade, Captain Fawcett (East of England Export Champion) is honoured to feature in the portfolio of British businesses being showcased by the Secretary of State for International Trade, The Rt Hon Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP in the current negotiations to establish an important free trade agreement with India.

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10 January 2022

“You'll be hard pushed to find a more masculine scent than the combination of honeyed tobacco leaves, vanilla bean, and woody oakmoss. But of course, the smell isn't the only thing that will persuade you to get this beard oil, as the list of ingredients, which includes, vanilla, frankincense, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil will work together to leave your beard..."

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15 December 2021

Calling all friends and relations of young shavers, whippersnappers and fledgling gentlemen, how does one find stocking stuffers for Gen Z?! (I am assured ‘Gen’ stands for Gentlemen.) Which gifts will teenagers actually use? Captain Fawcett may well have delightfully traditional manners, however his sense of style is, as they say, bang up to date.

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07 December 2021

Captain Fawcett was most pleased to welcome Jason Suckley, Chief Executive of the charity Make-A-Wish, to the company HQ last week. Richie Finney, founder and owner of Captain Fawcett Ltd presented Mr Suckley with a cheque for £20K, monies raised during the 2021 road trip BarbersRide, undertaken in support of Make-A-Wish.

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01 December 2021
Not sure what to give your husband for Christmas? Or, indeed, one’s father, boyfriend, chauffeur or trusty valet…Then roll up, roll up and jingle your bally bells for Captain Fawcett is giddy as a school boy to announce a superbly splendiferous seasonal special! 

Yes, indeed my ole chortlers for, the season of merriment, goodwill and flaming ruddy puddings looms large!

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29 November 2021

Grooming is a regular topic at the exquisite Gentleman’s Gazette publication and beards have a reputation for ruggedness, but no matter if yours is long and rugged or close-cropped and classic, it’s sure to benefit from a solid grooming routine and high-quality products. Read the Gentleman's Gazette top 12 when it comes to 2021 grooming products for shaving, styling and much more. 

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26 November 2021

Huzzah... Hagerty have selected a handful of the best gifts for bikers this Christmas, from helmets and gloves to saddle bags and beard oil, and a few more besides. Captain Fawcett’s Triumphant collaboration with actor, comedian and Biker Rufus Hound has been selected. "Let your nostrils be the judge, but aromas aside, it’s handy to tame any facial hair that’s gone rogue during a ride..."

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18 November 2021

The UK’s first International Trade Week is here. Huzzah! As an Export Champion, Captain Fawcett is delighted to report on the company’s experience of selling globally in connection with trade industry experts. As his chums will know, Captain Fawcett’s first batch of Moustache Wax was prepared upon the stove of a humble kitchen in a small Norfolk village in England. 

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