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23 April 2024

Captain Fawcett is enormously proud to be Highly Commended in The Department for Business and Trade 2024 Made in the UK, Sold to the World Awards! To be recognised in such outstanding company is truly a huge honour, shared by the whole Fawcett crew including the Captain's highly esteemed colleagues, friends and distributors across the globe.

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17 April 2024

Captain Fawcett is hugely excited to be joining forces with award-winning Barber Educator Sid Sottung, taking to the road for ‘Captain Fawcett’s Barbering Masterclass with Sid Sottung, European Tour 2024’. The Captain has worked with highly esteemed European distributors and local barbershops, who will host a sequence of educational events. 

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01 January 2024

This year discipline danced with defiance in an eloquent expression of individuality, and every decision left an indelible mark upon the vast canvas of time. The Right Hand Man embarked upon an epic two-wheel road trip, a renegade cowboy etched against the setting sun.

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22 November 2023

At last the Right Hand Man is homeward bound, hurling defiance to the wind as he swings by barbershops across the magnificence of Europe. Fuelled by the rhythm of rebellion he rides, the road beneath his wheels singing the song of freedom. So strap in tight and hold on for dear life, we’re riding shotgun on the Last Leg of Captain Fawcett’s Great Expedition 2023. Blighty here he comes - tally ho! 

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01 November 2023

This ain’t your grandma’s Sunday drive. Captain Fawcett’s Right Hand Man took the long way round on the road of tonsorial dreams. A lifelong outlaw with a penchant for chaos and ice-cream, Richie Finney and his trusty motorcycle carved a trail of mayhem through the magnificent barbershops of Europe. Join him for the Grand Finale of Captain Fawcett’s Great Expedition 2024.

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14 September 2023

As the last heat of summer gives ground to wild autumn winds, the maverick road warrior that is the Right Hand Man is back in the saddle again. PART THREE of the GREAT EXPEDITION 2023 sees our high plains drifter set course for the ancient heart of Europe. All in all, the Great Expedition will cover over 16,000km across 27 countries.

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10 September 2023

And so we conclude Part Two of Great Expedition. The Right Hand Man is riding solo on an epic quest to share the splendour of British gentleman’s grooming in barbershops across 27 nations of Europe…We catch up with the veteran lone ranger, who in one afternoon encounters more wonders, perils and ice creams than most men meet in a lifetime…

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31 August 2023

Captain Fawcett’s Right Hand Man, Richie Finney, has been back in the saddle, a lone wolf, riding his motorcycle solo across europe. why? to showcase the splendour of british gentleman’s grooming in barbershops across 27 nations. will he make it? i should coco! Read on for more tales from the road…

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25 June 2023

As June unfolds to high summer, that intrepid explorer the Right Hand Man is on the road again. PART TWO of the GREAT EXPEDITION 2023 sees the mad fool and his motorcycle take to the majestic highways of northern Europe. Expect old friends, emotional reunions, new faces, hair cuts, beard trims, moustache waxing, barbershop banter...

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19 June 2023

Announcing Captain Fawcett’s scorching Midsummer sale - for 1 week only! 19-25 June 30% CODE: SONOFABEACH. Calling the boys of summer! Yes chaps, you heard it right! Captain Fawcett is giving you a cool 30% off everything in his ENTIRE COLLECTION! But items are available only while stocks last, so make sure you dive in now to secure your favourites!

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16 June 2023

Captain Fawcett is extremely chuffed to win ‘Men’s Grooming Products of the Year’ at the Central England Prestige Awards. The Awards celebrate small and medium-sized enterprises who have proven their success by thriving in their own highly competitive community. I say! The Central England Prestige Awards 2022/23 Guide Is Now Out.

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11 June 2023

The Right Hand Man has set off on an epic motorcycle road trip, covering 16,000km across 24 countries. The journey will be in 3 stages, and began with 10 days in Spain. Various events were planned with host barbershops. The idea is to enjoy reunions with old friends, meet new people and present the brand's products, but above all, to share great moments on Spanish soil! Let's catch up...

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10 May 2023

One Man. Two Wheels. Over 10,000 miles across 24 countries…To celebrate what might just be the greatest road trip of all time, all purchases of two items or more from Captain Fawcett’s Expedition Reserve Signature Series will be despatched with a free souvenir Great Expedition Sticker and Badge. Huzzah! Just add the code FREEGIFT at checkout and your parcel will soon be on the way.

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15 November 2022

Irreverent internet sensation Thomas Benjamin Wilde Esq will return to the delightfully intimate surroundings of Captain Fawcett’s Emporium in King’s Lynn for one of the most popular Christmas events in Norfolk! A good old fashioned knees-up LIVE on Thursday 1st December 2022, doors open 6.45pm. And this time he’s brought his chums!

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19 October 2022

Captain Fawcett is extremely proud to be a new Brand Partner with The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Project: MEN. The Fawcett crew was most honoured to be invited to provide wet hair styling products, working alongside other industry leaders and fellow Brand Partners Matakki Scissors and Wahl. What an exciting opportunity...

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12 October 2022

Captain Fawcett Ltd has been flying the flag for West Norfolk on an epic 800 mile motorbike ride across the South of England to raise funds for national children’s charity Make-A-Wish UK. BarbersRide is now in its sixth consecutive year with total funds reaching over £110K. This year along BarbersRide have raised £26K with more donations coming in! 

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21 February 2022

On 1st Feb 2022 artist Vincent Kamp unveiled a new painting at prestigious Mayfair Gallery, The Clarendon. It was specially created to support BarbersRide’s chosen charity, Make-A-Wish. The subject of the work is Pete MacGowan, winner of a unique raffle to sit for a portrait. And Pete happens to have completed his first BarbersRide in 2021 - in his mid-70s.

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07 December 2021

Captain Fawcett was most pleased to welcome Jason Suckley, Chief Executive of the charity Make-A-Wish, to the company HQ last week. Richie Finney, founder and owner of Captain Fawcett Ltd presented Mr Suckley with a cheque for £20K, monies raised during the 2021 road trip BarbersRide, undertaken in support of Make-A-Wish.

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01 December 2021
Not sure what to give your husband for Christmas? Or, indeed, one’s father, boyfriend, chauffeur or trusty valet…Then roll up, roll up and jingle your bally bells for Captain Fawcett is giddy as a school boy to announce a superbly splendiferous seasonal special! 

Yes, indeed my ole chortlers for, the season of merriment, goodwill and flaming ruddy puddings looms large!

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18 November 2021

The UK’s first International Trade Week is here. Huzzah! As an Export Champion, Captain Fawcett is delighted to report on the company’s experience of selling globally in connection with trade industry experts. As his chums will know, Captain Fawcett’s first batch of Moustache Wax was prepared upon the stove of a humble kitchen in a small Norfolk village in England. 

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