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24 January 2023

As you may well be aware, in January The Royal Mail suffered a significant cyber attack which has disrupted its international shipping services. Whilst Royal Mail officials remedy the situation, Captain Fawcett will be using alternative couriers to fulfil all international shipments for highly esteemed customers and clients across the globe.

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20 January 2023

Happy New Year! And, indeed, Gong hei fat choy - 恭喜发财 - to my chums in China! And thus begins the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. According to the wisdom of the Chinese zodiac, Rabbit Men are extraordinarily polite, gentle, modest, kind, optimistic, sensitive and considerate - as such, the very model of a 21st century gentleman! Huzzah for the bunny boys!

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12 January 2023

Inspired by the Macassar oil beloved of Edwardian gentlemen, this luxurious hair and scalp treatment beautifully complements Captain Fawcett’s remarkable hair care ranges. Combining 4 nourishing base oils with 9 aromatic essential oils to promote healthy hair growth for both head and beard, this delectable concoction is rich in emollients to lock in moisture & aid repair.

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21 December 2022

What a splendid surprise! Good King Nigel of Norwich popped in for a Royal Visit to Captain Fawcetts Marvellous Barbershop Museum in King’s Lynn. For King Nigel is none other than Fawcett chum and ‘Triumphant’ Signature Series partner in crime Rufus Hound, who’s starring in Jack and the Beanstalk at the Theatre Royal, Norwich until 7th January 2023. 

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14 December 2022

Simply Splendid Gifts. Something of that hopeful little boy lives forever in all grown men. And by Jove, we could all do with a touch of magic, what?! Make a fellow’s bleary eyes sparkle on Christmas morning with soaps to savour, coffee to quaff, fragrant moustache waxes, aromatic beard oils, sumptuous perfumes and all manner of nifty little accessories to intrigue and delight.

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12 December 2022

For lo the days are hastening on! Still trying to find the perfect gifts for men in your life? Fawcett to the rescue with a panoply of gentlemanly personalities and presents to match! I say! Captain Fawcett has his own completely unscientific and entirely bonkers approach! Perchance the real conundrum is, how do others see you, eh?! At least your reputation as a first rate giver of gifts is guaranteed! 

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07 December 2022

The countdown is officially on and there are halls to be decked, wine to be mulled and pies to be minced. Fawcett’s fabulous gift guide for men suits all budgets, with a little luxury for everyone. Presents made to be cherished beyond the big day are guaranteed to please even the most Grinch-hearted chap. From traditionalists to trend-setters, the Captain takes care of all your favourite fellows. Let the festivities commence! 

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29 November 2022

I sleigh! Even the most charming gentlemen can be dashed difficult when it comes to choosing presents, what? Every chap knows there’s nothing more pleasing than unwrapping a gift he’ll actually use. And a really rather delightful one at that! The Captain has pre-paired exquisite Gentlemen’s Grooming Essentials, making it easy to choose the perfect gift for men. 

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16 November 2022

John Petrucci is a founding member, guitarist, lyricist and producer of Dream Theater, the progressive metal band renowned for mind-blowing technical virtuosity. After a delightful afternoon tea with the Right Hand Man in London, John hot footed it to Italy. From the safe distance of a hotel room in Rome, he shared a secret that might just break the Right Hand Man’s heart...

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15 November 2022

Irreverent internet sensation Thomas Benjamin Wilde Esq will return to the delightfully intimate surroundings of Captain Fawcett’s Emporium in King’s Lynn for one of the most popular Christmas events in Norfolk! A good old fashioned knees-up LIVE on Thursday 1st December 2022, doors open 6.45pm. And this time he’s brought his chums!

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09 November 2022

Magnificent award-winning illustrator Sophie Jonas-Hill created the beautiful artwork for Issue 7 of the Fawcett Times. Her distinctive hand drawings are mostly created using pen, ink and watercolour. She conjures beautiful worlds with a twist of dark humour and mayhem. From metal work and making jewellery, to pattern cutting in the wedding industry... 

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01 November 2022

One of Captain Fawcett’s most sought after ranges is the immaculate Barberism™ Signature Series, created in collaboration with internationally renowned barber educator Sid Sottung. The two chums met for a delightful chat about everything from beards and business to pin-ups and the problem with perfection. Step into the Haus of Sottung…

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19 October 2022

Captain Fawcett is extremely proud to be a new Brand Partner with The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Project: MEN. The Fawcett crew was most honoured to be invited to provide wet hair styling products, working alongside other industry leaders and fellow Brand Partners Matakki Scissors and Wahl. What an exciting opportunity...

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12 October 2022

Captain Fawcett Ltd has been flying the flag for West Norfolk on an epic 800 mile motorbike ride across the South of England to raise funds for national children’s charity Make-A-Wish UK. BarbersRide is now in its sixth consecutive year with total funds reaching over £110K. This year along BarbersRide have raised £26K with more donations coming in! 

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15 September 2022

The Captain & Crew at Fawcett HQ are simply delighted to announce that Captain Fawcett has been shortlisted for the British Chambers of Commerce Awards as ‘The Global Player’ for 2022. This most prestigious recognition comes due to the King’s Lynn based company’s nomination from the Norfolk Chambers of Commerce.

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15 August 2022

Introducing the Captain's simply magnificent and entirely new product line of most efficacious Hair Pomades. Created with old school panache, these Pomades will ensure the discerning gentleman goes about his business with neer a hair out of place. And there is no-one more qualified to talk you through the new range than the remarkable Sid Sottung.

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09 June 2022

Guest Correspondent: Tomasz Bas. Upon his spiritual journey as a teacher of Yoga & Meditation Tomasz was honoured to stay in India, land of ancient wisdom and profound beauty. His search for a fragrance to evoke the transformative wonders of that extraordinary time led him to The Jodhpur Company’s 'Maharajah' Signature Series…

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01 June 2022
Captain Fawcett Ltd is simply delighted and immensely proud to announce winning the ‘Highly Commended’ status in the 2022 Pure Beauty Global Awards. The Captain‘s Maharajah Eau De Parfum has been ‘Highly Commended’ in the Best New Niche Fragrance category. Huzzah! Read more
31 May 2022

What a delight to bring two rather marvellous global brands forged in Norfolk’s great maritime metropolis of King’s Lynn. Together we celebrate the finer things in life, offering a simply delectable range of First Class Gentleman's Grooming Requisites and tip top premium gym equipment with a superb level of quality and sophistication.

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25 May 2022

One of Britain’s most exciting and distinctive artists vincent kamp is again donating his talent and time to paint the portrait of one lucky winner. Only 1,000 tickets available at just £10 each. The Competition closes 12th August, 2022 at 11:59pm GMT. Winner to be decided by raffle. All monies raised will be donated to Make-A-Wish.

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22 May 2022

With over 1 million miles under his tyres, the amazing Mr Child is a land speed record breaker, international motorcycle journalist, romantic, proud father and Fawcett Ambassador Extraordinaire. He’s also a familiar face at Goodwood. So we asked…What puts the good into Goodwood? 'If you only do one event, do Goodwood. It’s the highlight of my year.'...

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