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The Independent, UK

#35 in 'The 50 Best Grooming Gear' - "the humble moustache is humble no more these days...you can twirl your tache to your heart's content with this pot of wax"

The Evening Standard, UK

'The WWI Look' by Nick Curtis - "the fastest-selling product...is a tiny tub of Captain Fawcett's Moustache Wax"

The Globe and Mail, Canada

Canadian Globe

Backstreet Heroes Magazine, UK

"The secret behind his dapper and dashing coiffeur is Captain Fawcett's Moustache Wax."

BSH Magazine

Highsnobiety, UK

"This wax is the go-to product for any gent sporting a well-tailored ‘stache."



Simon Gerber: DJ

Ricki Hall: Model

Alessandro Manfredini: Graphic Artist

Adam Paul Causegrove: Mustached American of the Year 2012

"Myself? I'm a Captain Fawcett's man."

Adam Paul Causegrove: Mustached American of the Year 2012

Aaron Perlut, American Mustache Institute

“The Mustached American community believes in the sexually dynamic capabilities afforded to those who choose to engage their lip sweaters with Captain Fawcett’s.”

The American Moustache Institute

Hippy Neatbeard, The Moustache Mafia

“I am very impressed and happy to bestow the virtues of your product to my friends, family and Moustache Mafia brothers.”

Moustache Mafia

Atters, Editor of The Chap Magazine

“Dear Captain Fawcett, your moustache wax arrived safely shortly after your call – thank you. I had a look at the website as advised and yes, it looks jolly fun and was a good upper-lip tonic to read! As for the wax itself, I have just used it and it certainly kept my perky tips erect. Yours bewhiskerdly, Atters”

The Chap Magazine

William Brown, The Handlebar Club

“Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax is priced competitively, well packaged and a perfect size for travelling. It has a pleasant aroma, is ideal for that full soft look and great for everyday use. Best whiskery wishes, William Brown”

The Handlebar Club

Jim Heising, Creator of the ‘stachetastic iPhone App

“With expertise in every shape and size mustache imaginable, from the Fu Manchu and Frisker to the Nose Mullett and Tickly Caterpillar, I can — at a glance — discern whether a person has been well-trained in finer aspects of mustache maintenance.

True gentlemen are easily distinguished by the upper lip stiffness afforded only by Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax. Cheerio!"


Kate Benton, Joint Director of PAM

“I think Captain Fawcett’s moustache wax is brilliant, I liked it so much that we now stock it in our shop. It’s much stronger than previous waxes so holds the shape really well, also it smells amazing. We are big fans here at PAM.”



"Whether meant for the masses or for his own personal accord, one can only assume a profound state of pride the Captain would hold in knowing the lasting effects his discoveries currently have in today’s grooming landscape."

Ape To Gentleman logo


"Captain Fawcett is Norfolk based purveyor of gentlemanly goods such as shaving foams, moustache waxes and razors and we’ve been left mightily impressed by the superb look of their impeccable wares. We’re terrible shavers here at Coolector HQ both in terms of regularity and technique but we think that if we had goods as undeniably awesome as those within the Captain Fawcett Shaving Set at our disposal that our bead vanquishing skills would increase exponentially."


"Captain Fawcett’s Beard Oil smells extraordinary. Exotic, yet refined, the aromas of patchouli, lemongrass, and cedar linger throughout the day, whispering –not shouting– suggestions of distant dirt-floor markets and unknown shores."

Juggernaut, The Mind of the Naut

"This stuff smells AWESOME. This is a great wax, many dudes are going to be very happy using Captain Fawcett exclusively"

The Mind of the Naut

Grooming & Gaming

Moustache Wax - "The sandalwood is probably perfect...It smells pleasant as you’re applying but it doesn’t intrude on your day...Doing the tips of my ‘stache was wonderful...The Captain’s wax is fantastic."

Expedition Strength Wax - "This stuff had its shape and it wasn’t inclined to budge…even though some of the problem children had managed to escape, the rest of the crew were holding tight. I mean really holding tight."

Beard Oil - "Captain Fawcett comes through again for we, the gentlemen hairy. Private Stock Beard Oil is an excellent product…The smell is masculine, complex and pleasant…[and] I got a significant amount of shine in my beard. Very cool."

Grooming & Gaming

Wax My Stache

"Captain Fawcett’s wax did...look great in the area above the lip, making it look soft and full...A fine display of Moustachery."

Wax My Stache

Mr.SuperCooper, The 'Stache Wax Review

"Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax is another [product] that every Moustachioed man should have in their collection! The scent is definitely a plus, it smells fantastic!"

The 'Stache Wax Review

Amazon.co.uk Product Reviews

Phil Golding - "I heartily recommend Captain Fawcett's Moustache Wax for the discerning gentleman. It will not let you down."

CLOM - "This wax has to be by far the greatest thing to ever some into contact with my moustache...you don’t need much to look dapper"

CoolTashMatt - "Gentlemen. This is good. Its expensive. But nothing else comes close. It smells like old cricket bats. And it works for hours. So if you want to look awesome with waxed tips then buy this."

Jack - "I have to say that Captain Fawcett's Moustache Wax is a perfect product! Now you must understand that I had a very difficult, unruly moustache, and it is now very well behaved indeed."



It should be noted that Captain Fawcett and his adventures are a work of wild and fanciful imagination.
Any resemblance between the characters and persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

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