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31 August 2023

Hands off your razors chums, Saturday is World Beard Day! For this day ONLY Captain Fawcett will be giving you a mighty 30% discount on all Captain Fawcett Beard Care products. Do tell all your splendidly bearded chums! Just head to Captain Fawcett's online Emporium between midnight tonight and midnight on 2 September [UK time].

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14 August 2023

Make summer holiday packing simple and take only what you need. Whether you’re planning the adventure of a lifetime, a smart city break or a buckets and spades weekend at the good old British seaside, Captain Fawcett has it covered! So take the stress out of travel preparations with this handy check list of gentleman’s vacation essentials.

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19 June 2023

Announcing Captain Fawcett’s scorching Midsummer sale - for 1 week only! 19-25 June 30% CODE: SONOFABEACH. Calling the boys of summer! Yes chaps, you heard it right! Captain Fawcett is giving you a cool 30% off everything in his ENTIRE COLLECTION! But items are available only while stocks last, so make sure you dive in now to secure your favourites!

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05 June 2023

Need help finding the perfect present for discerning Dads? No problem dear chum! From groovy gifts for first time Dads to traditional style for beloved grandpas, Captain Fawcett’s Emporium is your one-stop shop for absolutely everything a fantastic father could want.

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30 April 2023

Captain Fawcett’s award-winning ‘Hair Couture’collection provides a full range of men’s hair care and hair styling products. And there are more to come later in 2023! Hairzzah! To celebrate the long awaited completion of the Captain’s extraordinarily handsome quartet of Patent Pomades, every order from the ‘Hair Couture’ collection will include a highly collectible ‘Hair Couture’ card.

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14 December 2022

Simply Splendid Gifts. Something of that hopeful little boy lives forever in all grown men. And by Jove, we could all do with a touch of magic, what?! Make a fellow’s bleary eyes sparkle on Christmas morning with soaps to savour, coffee to quaff, fragrant moustache waxes, aromatic beard oils, sumptuous perfumes and all manner of nifty little accessories to intrigue and delight.

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12 December 2022

For lo the days are hastening on! Still trying to find the perfect gifts for men in your life? Fawcett to the rescue with a panoply of gentlemanly personalities and presents to match! I say! Captain Fawcett has his own completely unscientific and entirely bonkers approach! Perchance the real conundrum is, how do others see you, eh?! At least your reputation as a first rate giver of gifts is guaranteed! 

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29 November 2022

I sleigh! Even the most charming gentlemen can be dashed difficult when it comes to choosing presents, what? Every chap knows there’s nothing more pleasing than unwrapping a gift he’ll actually use. And a really rather delightful one at that! The Captain has pre-paired exquisite Gentlemen’s Grooming Essentials, making it easy to choose the perfect gift for men. 

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15 August 2022

Introducing the Captain's simply magnificent and entirely new product line of most efficacious Hair Pomades. Created with old school panache, these Pomades will ensure the discerning gentleman goes about his business with neer a hair out of place. And there is no-one more qualified to talk you through the new range than the remarkable Sid Sottung.

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01 June 2022
Captain Fawcett Ltd is simply delighted and immensely proud to announce winning the ‘Highly Commended’ status in the 2022 Pure Beauty Global Awards. The Captain‘s Maharajah Eau De Parfum has been ‘Highly Commended’ in the Best New Niche Fragrance category. Huzzah! Read more
05 May 2022

The Captain's RHMan, was in London with select members of the Fawcett crew on Saturday 23rd April, invited as VIP guests of rock star John Petrucci who recently won the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance with ‘The Alien’. John was in town with Dream Theater, to play Wembley on the British leg of their ‘Top of the World’ tour. 

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12 April 2022

Captain Fawcett is really rather chuffed and immensely proud to announce his Maharajah Eau De Parfum Signature Series collaboration with the highly esteemed Jodhpur Company has been announced as a Finalist in the Best New Niche Fragrance category for the Global Pure Beauty Awards 2022. The winners are to be announced in May.

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10 April 2022

The Invitation is a short film inspired by a magnificent portrait, commissioned by Captain Fawcett in celebration of the Maharajah Signature Series. This delectable gentleman’s grooming range comprises a Moustache Wax, Beard Oil, Beard Balm and opulent Eau De Parfum, created in close collaboration with The Jodhpur Company. 

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14 March 2022

Captain Fawcett is delighted to present a brand new Face & Body Scrub to complement his delectable Captain Fawcett Body Wash and gold-medal winning Moisturiser*In fact this superb Scrub is such a natural partner with Captain's Moisturiser, we've decided to offer both items in one special introductory offer - for a limited time only!

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15 December 2021

Calling all friends and relations of young shavers, whippersnappers and fledgling gentlemen, how does one find stocking stuffers for Gen Z?! (I am assured ‘Gen’ stands for Gentlemen.) Which gifts will teenagers actually use? Captain Fawcett may well have delightfully traditional manners, however his sense of style is, as they say, bang up to date.

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01 December 2021
Not sure what to give your husband for Christmas? Or, indeed, one’s father, boyfriend, chauffeur or trusty valet…Then roll up, roll up and jingle your bally bells for Captain Fawcett is giddy as a school boy to announce a superbly splendiferous seasonal special! 

Yes, indeed my ole chortlers for, the season of merriment, goodwill and flaming ruddy puddings looms large!

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29 November 2021

Grooming is a regular topic at the exquisite Gentleman’s Gazette publication and beards have a reputation for ruggedness, but no matter if yours is long and rugged or close-cropped and classic, it’s sure to benefit from a solid grooming routine and high-quality products. Read the Gentleman's Gazette top 12 when it comes to 2021 grooming products for shaving, styling and much more. 

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26 November 2021

Huzzah... Hagerty have selected a handful of the best gifts for bikers this Christmas, from helmets and gloves to saddle bags and beard oil, and a few more besides. Captain Fawcett’s Triumphant collaboration with actor, comedian and Biker Rufus Hound has been selected. "Let your nostrils be the judge, but aromas aside, it’s handy to tame any facial hair that’s gone rogue during a ride..."

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15 November 2021

I am absolutely delighted to announce the launch of the second Limited Edition ‘Nebula’ Guitar Flow Pick #02. Designed and created by the splendiferously hirsute rockstar composer John Petrucci in collaboration with Jim Dunlop USA. The first 500 purchases of 50ml ‘Nebula’ Beard Oil ordered directly from Captain's online Emporium will be entered into a simply stupendous prize draw!

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