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15 November 2021

I am absolutely delighted to announce the launch of the second Limited Edition ‘Nebula’ Guitar Flow Pick #02. Designed and created by the splendiferously hirsute rockstar composer John Petrucci in collaboration with Jim Dunlop USA. The first 500 purchases of 50ml ‘Nebula’ Beard Oil ordered directly from Captain's online Emporium will be entered into a simply stupendous prize draw!

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04 November 2021

Guest Correspondent: Oscar Collins

Everyone wants to have healthy, shining, luscious hair, no matter who you are. While there are plenty of vitamins, serums, and elixirs you might be inclined to take, you can nourish your hair so much better by turning to foods that naturally assist your hair growth.If you’re looking for foods that can help your follicle growth, here are a few to keep your eye out for.

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18 August 2021

It is Captain Fawcetts great pleasure to introduce Maharajah, a most noble Signature Series ‘Eau de Parfum’ created in collaboration with The Jodhpur Company. Redolent of India’s princely opulence, aromatic smoke rising in balmy air, masala chai’s warm essence and the perfumed crush of bright petals. A tantalising, voluptuous fragrance conjuring the luxurious heat of enchanted Indian nights

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29 July 2021

With the ongoing ballyhoo, it seems summer holidays may be curtailed a little longer yet and yearning for distant horizons remain something of a dream this summer of 2021. And so let us sit in reverie revisiting the travels of the past. Most particularly the essentials a gentleman of bygone days might require as he traversed the wide world in search of certain adventure. I speak of the trusty dressing case...

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23 July 2021
How we long for adventure, chums?! No1 on the list is a a simply magnificent addition to the Signature Series. Re-ignite wanderlust by scenting one’s beard with the seductive delights of Maharajah Beard Oil (travel 10ml £14 - 50ml £36), redolent of balmy air and aromatic smoke, rose and peppery spice, rich musk, cedar & leather and studded with dazzling citrus top notes. Read more
15 July 2021

The name Scapicchio is synonymous with one of the world’s oldest barber families. Signor Marco Scapicchio opened his first barber shop for business in 1820 and the artisan skills associated with this most noble of professions have been handed down over 200 years, through six generations from father to son and, indeed, daughter. Scapicchio are masters of the art of the vintage Italian shave...       

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13 July 2021

Offer valid until 31st July. Limited Stock Availability... Don’t Miss Out! The Captain has something rather special up his sleeve... he shall neatly fold a simply stupendous Captain Fawcett T-shirt and add it to your parcel at no extra cost when you purchase £65 worth of items from any of the following ranges: ‘Barberism’, ‘ Triumphant’, ‘Booze & Baccy’, Captain Fawcett ‘Expedition Reserve’ and/or Private Stock. 

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02 June 2021

By Jove…Father’s Day is looming large! Thank heavens there is a specific day set aside to celebrate the feats of selfless service, daring and deep affection of one’s dearly beloved Pater. After all, the dutiful chap slogs away, day after day in the service of his family, blazing trails, siring offspring, hoeing vegetables, changing nappies…a veritable chauffeur, chef, confidant and companion throughout thick and thin. I have just the thing…

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27 May 2021

That most estimable ‘land pirate’, Mr Bristow, certainly has a gift for winning Moustache Championships across the world. The fellow is utterly resolute when it comes to the art of ‘Keeping A Stiff Upper Lip Regardless’. A fearless arborist (tree surgeon to those who successful evaded the torment of a classical education) and skateboarder. But though the fellow doesn’t show it, he’s a first class poet!

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09 March 2021

Captain Fawcett is simply delighted to announce an extraordinary competition the like of which has never been seen on these pages before! The winner will take delivery of a truly magnificent selection of phenomenal Limited Edition Signed pieces. And when the signature belongs to Dream Theater maestro John Petrucci, one knows one is holding in one’s hands a veritable piece of Rock Music History.

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14 February 2021

“I could tell from that very moment that our creative partnership would most definitely yield something incredibly special...” John Petrucci. Captain Fawcett is beyond delighted to announce an extraordinary Limited Edition Gift Set that’s quite simply out of this world. Captain Fawcett’s magnificent ‘Nebula’ Signature Series collaboration with Dream Theater’s John Petrucci is a work of true Majesty.

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01 February 2021

The Captain has come ashore with a cargo of aromatic oils. Eager to share the delectable fragrances discovered in far flung lands, Fawcett’s Master Blender has created a delightfully refreshing hair tonic reminiscent of traditional barbershops the world over & also a contemporary texturising mist, for giving one’s hair a kick of sea air. Keep your eyes on the horizon my fine fellows, we roll with the rising tide. 

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07 January 2021

2021 looms large and who knows what it will bring? How does one keep one’s spirits up in the eye of the storm? Trust yours truly gentlemen, a little self-care goes a long way. Take time for a treat. An early morning run, a steaming hot bath, a cup of strong Darjeeling, a generously buttered crumpet, nice clean socks, an afternoon snooze, a walk in the rain, a game of Scrabble, a chat with a chum. 

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07 December 2020

"I thought I told you be be prepared". For those with the correct kit, this season of frost and, perchance, snow, is most bracing and jolly good for the soul! Whether one is manning the Mount Vostock weather station, tramping across the ruddy West Norfolk fens or, indeed, dashing into the briny for a wild cold water swim ....these winter essentials will restore spirits and warmth in no time! 

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25 November 2020

By Jove it’s been a somewhat bothersome year. There is light on the horizon folks and I’d wager all are now due a spot of indulgence, a touch of luxury. Indeed, I’d venture even the most formal gentleman yearns for a little sparkle. Whether you are in search of the perfect gift or more than ready to treat yourself, I present a list of gentlemanly treasures all to be found at Captain Fawcett’s Emporium.

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23 November 2020

Some traditions are worth holding on to, no matter how old we are fortunate enough to become! Whatever you call the old boy, Santa Claus, Father Xmas, Saint leave a little something out for him. He’s still partial to a mince pie and although Mother insists he prefers sherry, I can vouch for the man being perfectly content with an aged Cognac. Whatever, make his welcome a warm one.

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04 November 2020
American Rock Royalty meets an English Gentleman Explorer. Men from different worlds with spirits in tune. A fellowship born from a most remarkable sequence of events...The new Signature Series 'Nebula' in collaboration with John Petrucci launches with a Beard Balm, Beard Oil and Moustache Wax, distinguished by a simply delectable fragrance. Read more
03 June 2020

It's June 4th, the Founding Day of Captain Fawcett Ltd in this, his magnificent 10th Anniversary year. We begin with a tin! 10 years ago, as the RHMan stirred his scented wax in an old baked bean can, little did he know that this experiment would lead to marvellous adventures across the globe, the like of which he had never imagined. Leading him to introduce a Limited Edition Anniversary Wax. 

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19 April 2020

I am delighted to announce that Natural Moustache Champion and Handlebar Hero and talented recycling artist, Snorrie Morrie, aka Marcel Tel Haar, is now appointed a Captain Fawcett Ambassador Extraordinaire. Please read on for a Q&A with the man himself... also find out that Snorriemorrie isn’t just a funny word. It means something. And something to be proud of.

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05 March 2020

Captain Fawcett is delighted to present an outstanding new Signature Series in collaboration with Viraj Singh of The Jodhpur Company. The 'Maharajah' Moustache Wax, Beard Oil and Beard Balm are now available. Redolent of balmy air perfumed by aromatic smoke and a crush of bright petals stirring the heat of enchanted Indian nights.

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