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Christmas Gift Guide for every man in the known universe!

Posted on December 12, 2022 by Captain P. Fawcett
For lo the days are hastening on! Still trying to find the perfect gifts for men in your life? Fawcett to the rescue with a panoply of gentlemanly personalities and presents to match! I say!
Do I speak of Enneagrams and Star Signs? I do not, for Captain Fawcett has his own completely unscientific and entirely bonkers approach! Perchance the real conundrum is, how do others see you, eh?! At least your reputation as a first rate giver of gifts is guaranteed! Huzzah!
And so to the best gentlemen’s grooming gifts around, if I do say so myself…

For the Urban Dandy

Dont hide your scars. They make you who you are.” - Frank Sinatra. Sid Sottung’s sexy fragrance saunters from the backstreets of Naples to the avenues of NYC. Suave as a tipped trilby.

For the Country Gentleman

Elegant as silk, dependable as tweed, honest as Wellington boots. Yet it is not clothes but manners mayketh man. And a simply delectable fragrance, naturally.

For the Easy Rider

“Look around. The world is going mad. If were all going to go mad with it, we can at least do so smelling incredible. Smelling indefatigable. Smelling Triumphant.” - Rufus Hound. Quite so.

For the Silver Fox

Leather boots, blue jeans, oak trees, fine wine, each enriched by each passing year. Timeless elegance stands out from the crowd, as does with this evocative award-winning men’s fragrance!

For the Rock Star

Created by Captain Fawcett with John Petrucci of Dream Theater. Intense, seductive exhilaration for the contemporary beardsman. A beard oil of majestic harmony.

For the Globe Trotter

No time to shave, there’s a plane to catch! The road of adventure twists and turns but there’s simply no excuse for leaving one’s beard to chance. Travel well. Arrive in style.

For the Life and Soul of the Party

This chap never says no to an RSVP! A traditional pick-me-up for the man who’s full of beans. Bring on the night!

For the Traditionalist

A well honed razor has been an indispensable tool since the day man first sharpened a flint. And this one’s superb. Comes in a handsome gift box too. Smooth.

For the Adventurer

Inspired by Nordic explorers and Alpine climbers of the early 20th century. Only 10 will be bespoke made to order. The mountains are calling and I must go. 

For the Dreamer

Deep in his heart he hears the siren call of the Caribbean Sea. This elegantly scented elixir gently perfumes men’s hair with the citrus breeze of the West Indies. Sublime.

For the Sportsman

Did you know it’s better to exfoliate before exercise? Then, after whipping up a good cleansing sweat, take a cool shower and moisturise. Pre and post work out skin care sorted. Bravo!

For the Charmer

An old school charmer with an unkempt upper lip? You’re an absolute shower! For heaven’s sake, put the the Terry in your Thomas and the Errol in your Flynn. We are not amateurs, sir.

For the Snappy Dresser

Quiff, ducktail, pompadour, side slick. Change it up, smooth it down. Effortless style every day, road tested by barbers. Damn fine looking tin too.

For the Gardener

Also a must-have for barbers, artists, mechanics & DIY enthusiasts. A beautifully handcrafted gift for all who value their tools. Grows ever more handsome with age, as becomes its owner!

For the Trailblazer

A life saving mission. Dogged determination. Hope born in memory of a friend. Pure Gold.

For the Showman

Wears his heart on his sleeve and his ink on his skin. Nothing to hide, nothing to lose. 

For the Rebel

Ever dream of running away to sea? Face to the wind, eyes on the horizon, adventure in your soul. And, indeed, in your hair. Fair winds and following seas…

For the Romantic

Tantalising, voluptuous, heady rose, peppery spice, rich musk, beguiling cedar & intense leather topped with citrus starlight. Award-winning fragrance for men. Swoon.

For the Zero-Waste Warrior

Squeeze every last morsel from the tube. Shaving cream, tattoo salve, paint, toothpaste, tomato purée, wasabi, anchovy paste. Just the ticket for Swedish food fans…Knäckebröd to you too sir!

For the Inventor

Cutting edge engineering fuses form and function with revolutionary, adjustable precision. Quite simply a wonder to behold.

For the Father Figure

For the men we knew, the men we are, the men we raise. Here’s to us. 

For the Whippersnapper

No matter how funky the smell of his room, your teen will step out smelling like a gentleman he’s becoming. Give him time. The future is bright. 
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