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Fawcett’s Christmas Gift Guide for Gentlemen

Posted on December 07, 2022 by Captain P. Fawcett

 It’s December chums!

The countdown is officially on and there are halls to be decked, wine to be mulled and pies to be minced (shurely shome mishtake?) Furthermore, there are presents to be bought! In truth, the sheer choice can make finding the best Christmas gifts for men somewhat overwhelming. Plus, it’s simply impossible to park in town! What say you stay cosy and warm in the comfort of your own parlour, crank up your gramophone for the all time greatest Christmas playlist and thank the HQ elves for doing all the hard work for you? Aren’t they wonderful?!

Fawcett’s fabulous gift guide for men suits all budgets, with a little luxury for everyone. Presents made to be cherished beyond the big day are guaranteed to please even the most Grinch-hearted chap. From traditionalists to trend-setters, the Captain takes care of all your favourite fellows. Let the festivities commence!

Splendid Stocking Fillers

Captain Fawcett Stocking Fillers

Feet out, pressies in! Whatever he says, something of that hopeful little boy lives forever in all grown men. And by Jove, we could all do with a touch of magic, what?! Make a chap’s eyes sparkle on Christmas morning with soaps to savour, coffee to quaff, fragrant moustache waxes, aromatic beard oils, sumptuous perfumes and all manner of nifty little accessories to intrigue and delight. Incidentally, have you ever seen Father Christmas and the Right Hand Man in the same room? Just saying…

Jolly old St Nick
Alum Bar
Old school shaving essential to soothe nicks, close pores & reduce razor burn. Spot on! (£9.50)

I say old bean!
Congo Single Origin Coffee
The Captain’s preferred East Congo coffee is just the ticket for a festive pick-me-up. Invigorating! (£10)

Get your Assam in gear!
Personalised Tea Mug
Never confuse her Oolong with your Dong Ding again. Essential gift for tea lovers. (£10)

Give it a squeeze
Metal Tube Key
A planet-friendly, hard-working, zero-waste gift. And really rather handsome to boot! (£10.50)

Folding Pocket Beard Comb
Keep whiskers spick and span with this nifty bit of beard grooming kit.  (£14.50)

I’m with the band
Tin badges
Trendy button badges for Fawcett aficionados. I ❤️ the Captain! (Set of 6 for £5)

Not all who wander are lost…
Travel Size Beard Oil
Great beards travel with little bottles. As worn by wizards, dwarves and long lost kings. (£15)

Perfume in your pocket
Mini EDP Collection
Good fragrance on the road gentlemen. (£13)

Let’s shake on it
Hand Sanitiser Gel
It’s that time of year again. Make sure your chums are in safe hands. (£4.95)

Keeping A Stiff Upper Lip Regardless
Moustache Wax
For a ’tache with dash in a flash. (£12)

Up to your neck in it
Neck Tube
No need for a boob tube? Try a coat for your throat! (£12)

Cotton on
Dhobi bag
Airing your dirty laundry? Don’t worry, it’ll all come out in the wash. (£10)

Treats Under £20

Captain Fawcett £20 treats

Exquisite packages adorned with ivy foraged from the woods by starlight? A fantastical flurry of sparkles and ribbons? Or perchance you favour last minute gifting, a bundle of tin foil and pages ripped from the latest GQ. Hmm. However haphazard your Christmas wrapping, it’s truly the thought that counts. Fortunately for you, I have already done the thinking. You’re welcome.

Pukka up
Moustache Wax
Stiffen your resolve gentlemen, it’s party season. We’re going in. (From £12)

Par-tee on dudes
Under your shirt or out and proud; wear it like you stole it. (From £15)

Simply splashing!
Expedition Reserve Body Wash
For revitalising the adventurous spirits from Ullswater to Ulaanbaatar. (£16)

Squeaky clean
Expedition Reserve Shampoo
Hair care for adventurers, explorers, gardeners, gym junkies and all those who sweat it out. (£18)

Neat and tidy
Moustache Comb in Leather Case
For gentlemen intent upon ‘Keeping A Stiff Upper Lip Regardless’. Carry on. (£18)

Nostalgic & contemporary
Booze & Baccy Bodywash
Ah, the winter luxury of a good hot shower and delectable scent. Sweet as. (£18)

Fondle your follicles
Booze & Baccy Shampoo
Haircare for brilliant blokes from Bognor to Bogotá. Bosh. (£19)

Great minds ink alike
Tattoo After Care Salve
For men who wear their heart on their shoulder. (£18)

Born to rum
Bay Rum Hair Tonic
Soon may the Wellerman come, to bring us sugar and tea and rum…shall he or shanty? (£18)

Seas the day
Sea Salt Spray
He’s been a wild rover for many a day and he’s spent all his money on splendid hair spray. (£18)

Keep balm and hairy on
Beard Balm
Give your chin rug a hug. For hirsute heroes of the first order. (£19)

Lager than life
Beer’d Shampoo
Jump in the shower and hop for the best, brewtiful hair care for men. (£19)

Don’t let your hair down
Patent Pomades
Never throw shade on a man with Pomade. (£19)

Well oiled
Hair Oil
Head and shoulders above the rest. AHTH. (£19)

Smooth as silk
Post Shave Balm
Delightfully soothing, toning and by Jove it smells divine! (£19.50)

Hands on
Expedition Reserve Hand Cream
Give your man a mani! Keep winter hands supple and ready for the next adventure. (£13.50)

Pogonophile Photography
All Hail the Hirsute
Inspiration for Beard lovers. Powerful portraits of magnificent men. Feast your eyes. (£20)

Fully booked
The Quintessential Grooming Guide
A magnificent gift tome by Captain Peabody Fawcett. It was bound to happen. (£20)

In the bag
Tote Bag
Hand crafted from flour sacks discovered in the foothills of the Aravalli Mountains, totes amazing. (£11)

Stay sharp
Handcrafted Leather Razor Case
Keeps a man’s favourite tools safe and sound whether home or away. (£16.50)

Gifts Under £50

Captain Fawcett gifts under £50

You know how men are. Some of us are most particular. Many have their finger firmly on the pulse of anything new. And others simply haven't a clue where to start. Never fear! Rest assured this luxury list of Christmas gifts for merry gentlemen will tickle his fancy, whatever that may be. I say!

Old School Style
‘Super’ Badger Shaving Brush £38
Centuries of barbers swear by this traditional shaving essential. Looks splendid on the shelf! (£38)

Handsome is as handsome does
Synthetic Fibre Shaving Brush
Reinvigorate the ritual of your shaving routine with this magnificent vegan friendly shaving brush. (£29)

Nothing else comes close
Barberism Pre-shave Oil
Developed by international master barber Sid Sottung for the closest of shave of your life. (£25)

Chin chin
Beard Comb in Leather Case
For a sleek, well groomed, wonderfully strokeable beard. As used by Santa Claus. Allegedly. (£22)

A wee dram
Gentlemen’s Stiffener Gift Set
Please be upstanding for The Gentleman’s Stiffener. Malt Whisky Moustache Wax plus Speyside Malt Scotch Whisky. Pure gallus. (£25)

Gold medal standard
Expedition Reserve Moisturiser
Gold award-winning skin care for men. For fellows who appreciate finer pleasures. (£38)

Suited to your style
Beard Oil
Nourishing, aromatic, luxurious. Beard care for men that turn heads. (£15)

Booze & Baccy Survival Kit
Gentleman’s grooming concealed in a metal tobacco tin. Hide it under the Christmas tree. (£38)

Fig & Olive
Scapicchio Soap
Dreams of Italy. Gloriously scented for the ultimate shave experience. (£32.50)

Cutting edge
Razor with leather case
Edwardian innovation brought completely up to date. Simply a delight to use. (£48)

Space rocks
Nebula T-shirt
Dress to take on the universe with John Petrucci. We have lift off! (£25)

Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub
Powerful exfoliating sea salt scrub for men. And those who like quoting Withnail & I. (£29)

A slow, comfortable shave
Disposable Blade Straight Razor
The pleasure and intimate closeness of a traditional wet shave. For homes and barbershops. (£30)

I should cocoa!
Moustache Guard Cup
Say Ceylon, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Good Night to tea-sogged whiskers. Bottoms up! (£30)

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