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Behind the Scenes of the Maharajah Film Shoot

Posted on April 10, 2022 by Captain P. Fawcett

Captain Fawcett 'Maharajah' Signature Series Behind the Scenes

The Invitation is a short film inspired by a magnificent portrait, commissioned by Captain Fawcett in celebration of the Maharajah Signature Series. This delectable gentleman’s grooming range comprises a Moustache Wax, Beard Oil, Beard Balm and opulent Eau De Parfum, created in close collaboration with The Jodhpur Company, famed for exquisite bespoke tailoring.
Contemporary artist Vincent Kamp imagined The Jodhpur Company founder, Viraj Singh, standing proudly in character as the valet of the Maharajah. This powerful expression of time-honoured friendship featured as the cover of the Fawcett Times limited 5th edition.

The painting was inspired by the story of Captain Fawcett and the Maharajah, a magnificent Indian prince. It tells how, as Captain Fawcett dashed pell mell down Pall Mall, he spied the Maharajah’s Rolls-Royce parked outside his club. Over a pink gin, the old chums reminisced about Rajasthan and strolling amid groves of mango and rose in the Maharajahs fragrant gardens, where fountains sparkled under the sapphire stars of India.
Although famed the world over for ‘Keeping A Stiff Upper Lip Regardless’, the prince was a trifle melancholy, homesick for the ravishing colours of his own sovereign state. Thus did Fawcett contrive a most delightful remedy; a Grand Ball! In no time his noble friend’s spirits revived.
And so to the evening of the Ball where The Invitation now takes up the tale. We become privy to the Maharajah’s preparations, with the assistance of his trusty valet played by Viraj Singh, echoing his real life expertise designing outfits for splendid occasions.
We see the Maharajah’s luxurious dressing room as he dons a fine suit of gold embroidered cloth, adorned with pearls and precious jewels. For this scene, only one location would do. And so a small bespoke film unit from Fawcett HQ arrived at The Jodhpur Company, in the imposing surroundings of Stable Yard at Hatfield House.
 Vincent Kamp’s original painting appears in The Invitation, gracing the wall of The Jodhpur Company location, having been hand delivered by the artist prior to the shoot.
 The crew were given exclusive permission to film outside the impressive entrance of Hatfield Hall itself. The Maharajah is seen being driven up the Hall’s sweeping drive in a hand built 1910 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, its polished brass accoutrements gleaming in the evening sun.
 His attentive chauffeur is played by none other than John Fasal, the very same gentleman who lovingly restored this distinguished Edwardian conveyance. With the classic style of open coachwork popular before the Great War, the beautiful racing green touring car is legendary for style and performance. Favoured for stately use, it is acclaimed as ‘The Best Car in the World’. Mr Fasal is a friend of Viraj Singh’s family, who share an interest in the Rolls-Royces owned by the Maharajahs of the princely states. Indeed, John has published the definitive volumes on the Edwardian Rolls-Royce, detailing every car made from 1904 until the end of the Great War. Highly recommended for all admirers of this most magnificent machine.
The Invitation is screening on You Tube, all day, every day: 

And that’s a wrap.

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Full credits:
The Maharajah - Kanwar Singh @kanwar678
Valet - Viraj Singh @thejodhpurcompany
Chauffeur - John Fasal
Director, Camera OP & Editor - Bryony Grainger @bryonygrainger
Photographer - Iain Crockart @iaincrockart
Drone OP - Graham Cooke @peopleofthedrone
MUA - Christine Greenwood
1st AD & All Round Good Egg - The Captain's RHM

With Thanks To:  
Hatfield House – Location @hatfield_house
Geetaba Jhala - Hostess @missgeetajhala
Vincent Kamp - Painting - @vincekamp
Barnard & Westwood – Invitation  - @barnard_and_westwood

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