£350 raised for The Lions Barber Collective

Posted on February 05, 2019 by Captain P. Fawcett

Good day to one and all. We interrupt this Gentleman’s Emporium for a short news flash...

Further to clearing one’s olfactory pipes in this season of snuffles and sniffles, did you know that 15% of every purchase of Captain Fawcett’s Physician Mentholated Moustache Wax goes straight to The Lions Barber Collective? This international pride of top barbers work together to raise awareness for the prevention of suicide. Many have been affected by such loss themselves and are determined to shatter taboos, always willing to talk about the subject and, essentially, ready to listen.

For centuries a chap’s barber has been a sympathetic ear, someone discreet in whom it is possible to confide, voicing one’s most private and, perchance, painful thoughts in safe place. In recognition of this time-honoured position of trust, BarberTalk trains some of the best in the industry to recognise the signs of depression and anxiety and have the right manner to let clients know it’s OK to talk. These conversations have the potential to save lives and, indeed, have already done so.

Therefore, I am simply delighted to report that through December and January we raised over £350 for The Lions Barber Collective and this is entirely due to all of you who have purchased a tin of Captain Fawcett’s Physician Mentholated Moustache Wax. For that, I thank you most profoundly.

And so, should you be pondering which Captain Fawcett moustache wax to select, I suggest giving my Mentholated Moustache Wax a try, doing yourselves and others some good. Take a deep breath. Carry on.

A generous word from Tom at The Lions Barber Collective:

Huge thank you to Captain Fawcett for his ongoing support of the charity. Since our inception the Captain himself has gone above and beyond to support the cause through events like BarbersRide and raise a lot of funds to enable us to move forward. For that, we are eternally grateful. Now he reminds us that, although moustache wax will keep those hairs in place, a stiff upper lip isn't always necessary with this new menthol Moustache Wax!

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