Wake up and smell the Coffee...

Posted on August 05, 2019 by Captain P. Fawcett

Imagine, if you will, a misty morning in the verdant hills above Lake Edward upon the border of Congo and Uganda, in the western branch of the East African Rift. For it is here, a few miles south of the Equator, that a splendidly thrilling tale thus unfolds...

The steamy month of March found Yours Truly leading an eager expedition for the purpose of observing and recording the sedentary behaviour of the most magnificent Mountain Gorillas in this, their natural habitat.

In the shifting clouds I lost my bearings and stumbled somewhat wearily from the closed canopies of the East Congo rain forests to the shores of Lake Edward, or, as it is also known, Edward Nyanza, smallest of the African Great Lakes.

Overcome by thirst and with wild deliriums beginning to take hold, it was in truth a thing of wonder to be welcomed by the farmers of that region and offered their local refreshment. These excellent persons swiftly revived my flagging spirits with some of the finest coffee I’d ever tasted.

It transpires that all the richness of this land’s fertile soil is expressed in the clean, citrus sweet aroma of a most delectable brew. With a tang of red fruit and the crisp rush of air at high altitudes, something deliciously redolent of the region’s volcanic minerals is embodied in the flavour of this delightfully moreish coffee.

I was further enthused to learn that by cultivating this most excellent drink, which (may I say) is superb served both piping hot or iced in summer’s heat, the growers that make up the Kawa Kabuya cooperative are able to provide schooling and educate their children. Huzzah!

Finding myself quickly restored and raring to push on regardless, I was keen to share my findings with you, my dearest of chums and thus sent this urgently telegraphed communication.

I am delighted to say this superb coffee is now available at Captain Fawcett’s Emporium. Indeed, it keeps all at HQ full of beans and on their toes ready for the next adventure.

Carry on.

Available to purchase here

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