Posted on June 26, 2019 by Captain P. Fawcett


I am simply delighted to announce that Captain Fawcett’s Triumphant collaboration with actor, comedian & all round good egg Rufus Hound has resulted in a rather splendid Signature Series Eau De Parfum.

This delightful fragrance is reminiscent of the balmy days of Spring. Olfactory rural stimuli reaped by Rufus whilst riding his beloved motorcycle through England’s green & pleasant countryside have been spun into a heady perfume boasting top notes of Bergamot, Lime & Ylang, mid notes of Blackcurrant, Clove & Galbanum supported by the earthier base notes of Sandalwood, Ambergris & Musk.

In truth this is simply a delightful alchemic concoction and as such I wager this to be one of Fawcett’s finest... Huzzah!

And now for a few words from Mr Hound, the man himself...

Words from Rufus Hound....

When I was 19, I took a full time job. No-one took me seriously, for I was a boy. So I grew a beautiful blonde bouche bristler, and - now, undeniably, a man - never looked back.

Every member of the fuzzy faced fraternity has had some similar anti-epilatory epiphany, but taming a fella’s firework of follicular fuss has, more often than not, been more luck than judgement.

It was whilst I was sporting a particularly lush ‘English handlebar’ that I first encountered the Captain and his melange of magical moustache managers. The array of oils, waxes and parfums were never far from my washbag or my whiskers.

With the success of the Rikki Hall signature series (Booze and Baccy - an absolute delight), The Captain wondered if I too might be tempted to craft a similarly specifically scented ‘stache soother to our bearded brethren. He asked, in short, what my favourite smell was.

My answer was immediate.

I ride a Triumph motorcycle in an open face helmet. On those glorious and, yes sadly, rare days of our national summer, to be on a British bike, riding through the twisty, turny B roads of the British countryside is an exceptional treat. Yes, there’s the speed, the control, the thrum (oh, the thrum!) but riding in an open face helmet also gives you a panorama, the breeze and the smell. Whizzing through little villages on a bike designed to do just that is heavenly. The combination of sunshine, flowers and williwaw arrives olfactorily but manifests spiritually. If there was one smell, I wish there more of in the world, that's it.

“Yes,” said The Captain “I think we should be able to do that.”... So we did.

The smell was first offered in a moustache wax, but proved so popular that we have buckled to the demands of the shaved and made an eau de parfum. I have been wearing it for the last few months and have never been purloined by so many admiring sniffers - male and female! - desperate to know of what I smelt and where they too could purchase it.

Truth be told, in a world where Justin Bieber and Nikki Minaj put out ‘Celebrity Fragrances’, this feels as insane to me as it does to you; but look around. The world is going mad. If we’re all going to go mad with it, we can at least do so smelling incredible. Smelling indefatigable. Smelling Triumphant.

Rufus Hound

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