Presenting Captain Fawcett’s 'The Complete Barber’

Posted on August 21, 2019 by Captain P. Fawcett

Essentials for the modern barber’s craft with a special introductory offer!

Celebrating BarbersRide 2019, Captain Fawcett is delighted to present a tonsorial treasure trove of barbering tools in one Special Edition Package, providing the modern barber with classic designs, honed and enhanced over centuries in accordance with the Captain’s own insistence on superb craftsmanship. 

Those who devote themselves to the ancient trade of Barbering are renowned for nurturing and refining their skills with meticulous attention to detail.  Taking pride in one’s own craft means barbers insist that the tools of their trade are of the highest quality, being reliable and comfortable to use, both robust and elegant. 

Therefore, The Complete Barber includes shaving requisites, a canvas apron, a handsome tool roll for safe and convenient storage of essentials plus the perfect paraphernalia to augment one’s barbershop. 

Adapting the quintessentials of British tradition to suit the highest standards of today, The Complete Barber ensures the modern barber is always at the cutting edge, enabling clients to face the world with renewed vitality and self-esteem.

Special Offer Currently available!

Do read on for a fully itemised list of contents.

  • Canvas Apron 
  • Vegan Shaving Brush 
  • Barbers Cape 
  • Shaving Soap 
  • Rubber Mat 
  • Hand Towel x 2 
  • Shave Towel x 2 
  • Tin Sign 
  • Tool Roll 
  • Post Shave Balm 
  • Double Handed Mirror 
  • Disposable Blade Razor 


BUY NOW £380

Please note: The travel case is the Captain's and sadly not supplied with purchases of The Complete Barber... it has been utilised for display purposes only.

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