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14 Stylish Gifts for Teenage Boys and Young Gentlemen

Posted on December 15, 2021 by Captain P. Fawcett

Captain Fawcett Gift Guide for teenage boys  and young gentlemen

Calling all friends and relations of young shavers, whippersnappers and fledgling gentlemen, how does one find stocking stuffers for Gen Z?! (I am assured ‘Gen’ stands for Gentlemen.)

Which gifts will teenagers actually use? Captain Fawcett may well have delightfully traditional manners, however his sense of style is, as they say, bang up to date. The age when a young cove puts away childish things is bittersweet for parents, what? And yet…one is never too old to believe in magic. Thus I present gifts for young chaps striding out of boyhood, as useful and classy as the man he is becoming…
Dhobi Bag for his sports kit £9
Crikey! What on earth is that extraordinary whiff?! Transport trainers in this rather fine, extremely durable, off-white cotton drawstring Dhobi bag designed to sort laundry & other, ahem, personal items. Works a treat as a sturdy shoe bag, so cram in your creps or, Converse-ly, chuck in your Chucks, tug the string and toss nonchalantly into ones backpack. Reusable and machine washable on a cold, gentle cycle - much like the young man himself.
Captain Fawcett’s Sea Salt Spray £16
What’s SUP? Paddle-boarders and, indeed, surfers, saliors and everyday beach bums will be missing the feeling of salt in their hair. Give them the promise of summer days, sunshine, cold beer and BBQs with Captain Fawcetts Sea Salt Spray. Pirates, one and all.
Coffee for procrastinators and students £10
Pulling an all-nighter? If the young man in your life tends to leave important things such as school projects, homework and cramming for exams until the last minute, he might as well keep alert with the finest coffee known to man. Sustainably sourced from the hills of East Congo, cultivating this most excellent coffee enables the growers - the Kawa Kabuya Cooperative - to provide schooling and educate their children. As we were saying…
Barberism Pre-Shave Oil   £22
Shaving can be somewhat of a drag in the early days. I suggest a little Barberism. A blend of 6 oils to soften stubble before shaving, created by Captain Fawcett and barber educator, Sid Sottung. Timeless, yet refreshing with top notes of Lime & Orange, shot through with silky Rose & Galbanum on an earthy base of Cedarwood, Patchouli & Musk. The scent recalling Sid’s glorious youth in the barber shops of New York City. Shave on.
Shaving Towel £15
Share a towel? Gadzooks! How very uncouth! Captain Fawcetts simply super Serviette de RasageShave Towel is inspired by the halcyon era of the Bright Young Things. Reminiscent of those used in bygone days, imbued with the heady foppery of youth. With fond reverie I recall an afternoon at the Hotel Imperial in the company of a most captivating contessa…I digress…suffice to say it adds a certain style to the tender art of shaving.
Traditional Alum Bar £8.50
Used by traditional barbers since time immemorial, Alum is a veritable shaving essential for the well groomed young Gentleman. A natural mineral bar with antibacterial and styptic properties that both soothe & heal. Simply moisten the crystallised stone with cold water & smooth gently over your face to close pores, seal nicks & reduce razor burn. Presented in a handy little cotton drawstring bag for popping in a stocking.
Synthetic Fibre Shaving Brush  £28.00
Naturally, the youth of today are environmentally responsible, veritable pioneers of the ethical lifestyle. Thus, Captain Fawcett is delighted to have created a sustainably sourced, wooden handled synthetic fibre shaving brush which is entirely vegan friendly. When used in conjunction with the Captains shaving soap or cream it will produce a luxuriant, rich and voluminous lather enabling the closest of wet shaves upon even the sensitive adolescent skin.
Finest Hand Crafted Safety Razor £32.00
Start as you mean to go on chaps! Captain Fawcetts preferred safety razor was invented in that innovative bygone age, the Edwardian Era. This premium shaving device has been brought bang up to date with the introduction of this beautifully crafted razor, perfectly balanced to ensure a quite magnificent shave for all ages. Simply a pleasure to use.
Booze & Baccy Hair and Body Wash Set £32.00
Naturally one would not condone furnishing a young lad with hard liquor and smokes - the very idea madam! Yet there’s a certain assertive Peaky Blinders vintage street style in Ricki’s Hall’s bespoke 'Booze & Baccy' Signature Series. A delectable shampoo & body wash gift set with more than a hint of Ricki Halls swagger. For self-assured luxuriously contemporary fragrance of refreshing zesty orange, honeyed wood smoke and exotic spices.
Tattoo After Care Salve £16
All the young dudes carry tattoos. The Captain is delighted to report that his very own fragrance-free Tattoo After Care Salve is recommended by none other than the World renowned Inkmeister Arron Raw Esq. of Raw Tattoo. With extracts of natural anti-inflammatory Dragons Blood & Snake Vine, accelerates soothingly cool healing. Its ink-redibly good.”
Fawcett’s Physician Sanitiser Gel 100ml £4.95
Practical, pocket size edition of Fawcetts Physician Handy Sanitiser for convenient use when out and about. A delightfully cooling, quick drying, strong and very effective Gel with a masculine, vintage style. 10% from each and every bottle purchased will be donated to the Lions Barber Collective charity, which exists to raise awareness of male mental health and encourage young men to share their feelings. Don’t bottle it up lads!
Eau De Parfum Miniature Collection £12.00
When one is new to fragrance and, one ventures, in a giddy state of hormonal flux, how can one tell which of Captain Fawcetts delectably different Eau de Parfums will suit? I present the perfect solution! Captain Fawcetts six miniature Eau de Parfums are available as a sample collection, each phial of perfume elegantly enfolded within a handsome card of scent notes. Give a young gentleman the chance to discover his own quite unique alchemic mystery…
BarbersRide Embroidered Patch £6.00 & full BarbersRide 2022 ticket £180
If your son, brother, nephew or best mate is old enough to get his motorcycle licence take him on the ride of a lifetime. A truly exhilarating bonding experience, BarbersRide is an epic road trip born of common purpose, renowned for nurturing camaraderie and life-long fellowship. Above all, it is about giving back.
Every penny from the sale of this robust embroidered patch will go to support Make-A-Wish, the Rides chosen charity, which makes dreams come true for seriously ill children. And details of the BarbersRide are available right here. All for one and one for all.
And remember, last posting dates for the UK is 22nd December!

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