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It is Captain Fawcetts great pleasure to introduce Maharajah, a most noble Signature Series ‘Eau de Parfum’ created in collaboration with The Jodhpur Company.

Redolent of India’s princely opulence, aromatic smoke rising in balmy air, masala chai’s warm essence and the perfumed crush of bright petals. A tantalising, voluptuous fragrance conjuring the luxurious heat of enchanted Indian nights.

The Captains Master Blender has woven heady rose with peppery spice, rich musk, beguiling cedar & leather studded with dazzling citrus top notes. In truth, a simply magnificent new Eau de Parfum has been created for your delectation and delight.

How on earth did this marvel come about? Ah, thereby hangs a tale….

Captain Fawcett Maharajah Eau de Parfum packaging


Hurrying through the London rain, I was delighted to spy a familiar Rolls Royce parked outside my Club. It belonged to none other than my dear chum the Maharajah, a man of exquisite taste. Immediately my thoughts turned to my last evening in Rajasthan, as an esteemed guest at a simply stupendous starlit banquet.

I recalled my first glimpse of the Maharajahs magnificent gardens. What blissful calm after the clamorous heat of the streets! Jewelled parrots called from a verdant exuberance of mangoes, lotus, pomegranate and rose. Beneath arbours of sandalwood trees, fountains sparkled in the sapphire night as with my distinguished companion I strolled across marble terraces cooled by breezes of blossoming jasmine. Later, if I do say so myself, I delivered a most entertaining lecture on a recent expedition to the Indus Valley and was honoured by the Maharajahs vociferous admiration of my ability for ‘Keeping A Stiff Upper Lip Regardless’. Indeed, that chivalrous gentleman was himself famed across the known world for the magnificence of his own facial plumage, indicating a most noble Rajput heritage.

And now here was the dear chap greeting Yours Truly in St Jamesupon a grey English afternoon in late spring.

Alas, my worthy friends mood was a trifle glum. I am delighted to be here for the cricket,he said, yet I am consumed with yearning for the ravishing colours of my own sovereign state.

I have just the remedy!I exclaimed, flourishing a glass phial. The fragrant perfumes therein yielded an astonishing harmony of aromatics. Evocative of myths and men, entwined with a thousand years of memory, it was indeed the signature scent of the Maharajahs beloved homeland. Fawcett, you are simply extraordinary!cried his old chum, spirits immediately revived. I know,I replied, modestly.

Captain Fawcett Maharajah Eau de Parfum packaging


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