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What Foods Are Best for Follicle Growth?

Posted on November 04, 2021 by Captain P. Fawcett


Everyone wants to have healthy, shining, luscious hair, no matter who you are. While there are plenty of vitamins, serums, and elixirs you might be inclined to take, you can nourish your hair so much better by turning to foods that naturally assist your hair growth.

When you eat foods that are rich in those vitamins and minerals, you not only grow healthy and smooth hair, but you also set yourself up for future healthy habits and keep the cycle going.

If you’re looking for foods that can help your follicle growth, here are a few to keep your eye out for.

1. Fatty Fish

Fatty fish like salmon and tuna are great sources of healthy oils and omega-3 fatty acids that promote hair growth and strength. While some people prefer to supplement with fish oil vitamins, eating the whole food can give you a much better nutrient profile with vitamins like D3 and B vitamins.

2. Spinach and Greens

Spinach, as well as mixed greens and kale, offer a variety of nutrients that assist in hair growth, such as iron, vitamin A, beta carotene, and folate. These can help moisturize your hair follicles and your scalp to build a healthy environment for your hair to grow.

3. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are healthy fats, which each offer their own source of vitamins, minerals, and nourishment depending on the specific types of nuts and seeds you choose to eat. Usually, they can be great sources of zinc, B vitamins, and vitamin E, all of which help with hair growth.

4. Eggs

Eggs offer healthy fats, proteins, and biotin, all of which help your hair grow longer and stronger. If you’ve ever heard of keratin — which is often used in external hair products and treatments — you can actually find the same benefits through eating eggs, as biotin is the original form of keratin.

5. Avocados

Another healthy fat on the list, avocados offer E vitamins, vitamin C, and an array of antioxidants that all contribute to strength, shine, and hydration for your hair. Some people even use avocado oil in their hair as a treatment for this reason.

Easy Recipes

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate these foods into your diet more, there are so many recipes you can use to do that. Here are a few easy and delicious recipes that combine foods that are great for hair growth.

1. Banana, Spinach, and Avocado Smoothie

Dipping into spinach and avocado recipes, this smoothie can make a fantastic breakfast or even midmorning snack. The banana brings in some sweetness while still incorporating your greens and healthy fats. If you want to mix in some seeds, you can even include a spoonful of chia seeds or flax seeds.

2. Grilled Salmon With Honey Sriracha Lime Glaze

This recipe puts salmon at the forefront, which is good news for anyone trying to bring in more fatty fish. This recipe is easy and healthy, and it’s also delicious. Adding a serving of fish to your diet even once a week can provide great results in the hair department. And if you’re looking for a bit more, you can even top this with sesame seeds for a few more healthy fats.

3. Classic Avocado Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast sandwiches are great on their own, so if you’re already eating eggs, why not include some avocado while you’re at it? If you feel inclined, you can even include some sauteed spinach or a grainy bread for even more nutrient boosting.

4. Spicy Thai Noodles With Peanut Sauce

If you’re stumped on including more nuts and seeds, this could be the perfect way to do it. This spicy Thai peanut sauce includes peanut butter and sesame oil, and you can use all kinds of vegetables and proteins in the dish itself. It’s creative, fun, and maybe a bit unexpected.

Best Foods for Hair Growth

Taking care of your hair is just like taking care of any other part of your body. It’s about fueling yourself with the right nutrients and ingredients to support your body’s needs.

Whether you lean into fatty fish, eggs, or greens, there are so many ways to support healthy hair growth through your diet. Are you excited about any of these recipes? Or are you ready to create your own?

Oscar Collins is the founder and editor-in-chief of Modded, where he writes about grooming, fitness and similar topics. Follow him on Twitter @TModded for frequent updates of his work.

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