Captain Fawcett’s Tremendous T-shirt Give-Away!

Posted on July 13, 2021 by Captain P. Fawcett

Offer valid until 31st July
Limited Stock Availability... Dont Miss Out!

The Captain has something rather special up his sleeve for what I am led to understand is called a ‘summer staycation’. Alas, it sounds rather as if this means I shall again be marooned at Mother’s tea room, playing interminable games of Three Card Loo with the somewhat unscrupulous ladies of her dubious Blackpool set. How the Dickens has it come to this I ask you?

I digress…since modern chaps appear to dispense with their customary collar and cuffs the moment the barometer shifts and because I am such a bally good sport, I have decided to make life a little easier. No need to take the shears to your fine linen shirts gentlemen! Merely fling on a Fawcett T-shirt and soak up the good old British sunshine.

To this end I shall neatly fold said simply stupendous T-shirt and add it to your parcel at no extra cost when you purchase £65 worth of items from any combination of the following ranges: ‘Barberism’, ‘Triumphant’, ‘Booze & Baccy’, Captain Fawcett ‘Expedition Reserve’ and/or Private Stock.

T-shirt designs are: ‘Barberism’ (Black), ‘Triumphant’ (Green),‘Keeping a Stiff Upper Lip Regardless’ (Charcoal Grey) or Captain Fawcett Original Logo (White). 


  1. Spend £65+ (excluding free T-shirt) on any combination of items from the 'Barberism', 'Triumphant', 'Booze & Baccy', Captain Fawcett 'Expedition Reserve' and Private Stock ranges.
  2. Add your chosen T-shirt to your basket (make sure you have specified the correct size).
  3. Stroll to the checkout where the cost of the T-shirt will be deducted from your order without further ado.
  4. Complete your order.
  5. Wait with great anticipation for your trusty local postal service to deliver a most delightful parcel.
  6. Wear your chosen T-shirt with pride.
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