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Introducing Emmerald Barwise: the 'Barberism' pin up birl

Posted on October 08, 2019 by Captain P. Fawcett

Good day chums!

I recently had the exquisite honour of taking tea and cheesecake galore with that delightfully delectable minx, vintage model and self confessed food lover Miss Emmerald Barwise.  As she tipped the saucepot over her outstanding pasties, it struck me that you too would be seduced by her undoubted charms and so, for your pleasure, we conducted an intimate interview by way of an introduction.  Just a quickie you understand...ahem...all will be revealed below.

Who the devil are you madam?

I am a full time model based in Manchester, a crazy cool city in the North of England.  I’ve been modelling full time for nearly 4 years now and I absolutely love my job!

Would you share your memory of our first meeting? 

I met Captain Fawcett when I first started modelling 4 years ago at the London Tattoo Convention.  His Right Hand Man was on the Fawcett stand so we made eye contact and had a cheeky picture together.  I thought he was fab* and he’s not been able to get rid of me yet! 

(*Fab? Fab? The man’s cocky enough already Miss Barwise. CF)

How did you become the Barberism pin-up girl?

At the convention the Captain said he had a possible photo shoot I might be interested in being part of and a few months later...I was the Pin Up Girl!  

Barberism Signature Series

Who is your Burlesque icon?

It has to be Dita, I love her mix of vintage and modern and her fabulous eclectic style.  I  don’t actually do burlesque, although I love it.  I started getting into vintage style about 6 years ago and I love old school glamour so when I started modelling it seemed right to make that my own.  I’m a Pin Up model with a vintage vibe, a lady with a naughty side.

Which 3 words sum up Captain Fawcett?

Traditional, lovely, well groomed!

If you had a warning label, what would it say?

Caution danger of death.

What qualities do you want from a modern gentleman?

Well groomed, of course!  I expect loyalty, honesty, family values and good morals.  And he’s got to be a good kisser.

If you could be born in another era, when would you choose?

I’d be born in the 30s in America so I was around in the 50s to experience my favourite era first hand. And I’d be a bank robber ha ha!

Has your personal style ever got you into trouble?

Sometimes what I wear can be a bit risqué but I’m not hurting anyone so if you don’t like it don't look!  I can see you peeking...

Who would play you in a film? 

Oooh good question! I’d like Margot Robbie, the girl who played Harley Quinn as she does calm and crazy really well and that’s defo me. 

Modern or vintage?

An individual mix of the two.

Bearded or a clean shaven man?

I like a man that can carry off both but I definitely date more bearded guys than clean shaven.  Hmm, I wonder why?!

Beach or boudoir?

Both!  I love slipping in and out of a silky peignoir and lingerie set but also rock a bikini as long as I’ve got adequate sun screen.  As a ginger I shy away from the sun. 

And there you have it chaps!  Seek her in the shadows!  Now, far be it from me to throw shade upon one so radiant, but Miss Barwise and I have some private business to attend to and must take our leave.  Until we meet again gentlemen, do keep a stiff upper lip regardless.

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