Toothbrush with Natural Bristles

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An indispensable item & one forever present & correct in the Captain’s very own personal grooming kit.

This simply delightful, traditional natural bristle toothbrush with faux ivory handle has been shaped & crafted with firm rounded bristle tips to be gentle on gums & aid dexterous oral cleaning.

Ideal for the Gentleman intent on keeping his pearly whites in tip-top condition. Smile & the whole world smiles with you... ‘Brush on’

Toothbrush Dimensions:
Length: 162mm
Width: 14mm
50 groups of natural bristle

Each toothbrush is housed is a robust travel case within a draw-string linen bag for those who are on the go.

NB: The first 100 online purchasers will receive a complimentary 25ml tube of the Captain's preferred toothpaste, Pasta del Capitano, launched in Italy in 1905. Known for its unique flavour of leaves of carnation, spearmint and cinnamon. Paraben-free.

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