Limited Edition Hand-Crafted Straight Razor

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Captain Fawcett has collaborated with the much celebrated manufacturer of cutting edge, ‘Made in Solingen’ steel straight razors Giesen & Forsthoff to create this simply exquisite, limited edition (100 pieces), hand-crafted precision shaving instrument. Each unique and individual ‘shave ready’ razor, complete with a real horn handle, is constructed from a 6/8" full hollow ground, non-stainless carbon steel blade branded with the elegant Captain Fawcett logo, the reverse of which has been beautifully decorated with 23 carat gold.

For over 100 years, the makers of Captain Fawcett’s Limited Edition Straight Razor, Giesen & Forsthoff have been synonymous with providing the very highest quality straight edge razors to both gentlemen & barbers of repute throughout the known world. Hand-crafted in Solingen-Germany the blade is first hot forged from a piece of carbon steel bar. This is then hardened by heat treatment to ensure its edge will be held. The blade then goes through a number of machine & hand grinding processes, at this point the shaped & polished horn handles are added.

The complete razor is then hand-stropped to create the final sharp edge. Your razor is ‘shave ready’, this means that you do not need to touch the blade before your first shave. A light stropping on a leather strop will maintain your razor for years of satisfying use. The purchase of a quality strop can be made either from the Captain himself or sourced from any number of suppliers to be found on the world wide web.

Every razor sleeve is hand numbered and registered to the purchaser.

Carry On...

Overall Length (closed): 160mm
Blade Length: 145mm
Blade Edge: : 63mm
Handle Length: 140mm
Weight: 55 grams

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