Limited Edition Anniversary Wax

Limited Edition Anniversary Wax

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Please note; this item is limited to one per customer!

Limited Edition bundle contains:

  • Limited Edition original label Lavender Moustache Wax (100 available)
  • Muslin bag
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Captain Fawcett patch

One rainy afternoon the Right Hand Man set out to explore the farthest reaches of his very own attic, a veritable treasure trove of memories and marvels. There he happened upon a most remarkable discovery.

Whilst blowing dust from Captain Fawcett’s long lost journals a battered brown envelope dropped from the pages. Crumbs! What secrets were held therein?!

10 years ago, while navigating from Cambodia to Kathmandu, a familiar portly figure in biking leathers took a wrong turn and arrived in Fakenham, Norfolk, England. There he came across the contents sale of a decaying stately home where a singular item caught his eye.

A battered trunk! A forced lock! A dressing case neatly packed with salves and unguents, their exotic ingredients meticulously listed! Good Lord! Captain Fawcett’s very own exquisite travelling requisites had at last come to light!

The Right Hand Man, for, indeed, this was he, pored over the faded notebooks and on his kitchen stove began to remake the Captain’s particular moustache wax formula. Never had he encountered such a stiffener! As such it must be shared! Naive to commercial value, a modest 100 jars were purchased and adorned with labels fashioned in Illminster. Thus it was that Captain Fawcett’s delectable lavender moustache wax, once produced purely for his own personal use, became available to discerning gentlemen of the 21st century.

What of the envelope in the attic? Astonishingly the RH Man had found the last surviving labels from that original experiment 10 years ago. These charmingly old-fashioned roundels now adorn this 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Wax.

The fate of Captain Fawcett’s final, doomed expedition remains a mystery, yet in your hands you hold a whisper of his strange, eventful history.

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