Leather Razor Strop

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Your beautifully hand crafted carbon steel Straight Razor is a precision engineered instrument that if well cared for will last you a lifetime and beyond. Looking after the blade will in turn help you look after your face.

After use your razors cutting edge will dull and if left too long will become blunt. Regular stropping will both polish the blade and serve to re-align it at the correct angle required for a sharp, effective and smooth shave. This strop is made from extra robust natural cow hide, designed to be strong enough to provide a re-finishing effect on your ‘cut throat’ razor yet soft enough to protect the blade from accidental damage.Instructions for use are included with your esteemed purchase.

Carry on...

Made in Germany.

Overall Length: 490mm
Leather Section Length: 335mm
Leather Section Width: 45mm

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