Eau De Parfum Miniature Collection

Eau De Parfum Miniature Collection

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Decisions, decisions...how can one tell which of Captain Fawcett’s delectably different Eau de Parfums will suit a fellow? To each fragrance a gentleman brings something quite unique, a veritable aromatic chemistry all of his own, an individual alchemic mystery unfolding over many hours of wear.

Fret not chums, for I have the perfect solution!

Captain Fawcett’s six miniature Eau de Parfums are now available as a single collection, each phial of perfume elegantly enfolded within a handsome card of scent notes.

These specially created testers enable a fellow to take his time and discover at leisure which best suit his habits, personality and mood.

Good things, as they say, come in small packages...

This pocket size set includes:

Original CF 8836
Captain Fawcett’s chosen Fougère (meaning ‘fern-like’) the very scent which travelled with him on numerous expeditions across the globe. Loyally re-blended for the first time in over a century, fresh top notes of bergamot and mandarin yield to a spicy thread of exotic cardamon and coriander against a warming backdrop of vanilla, sandalwood & moss.

Captain Fawcett’s Triumphant collaboration with thespian and radiogram star, Rufus Hound, resulted in a heady fragrance reminiscent of the balmy days of Spring; olfactory rural stimuli reaped whilst riding his beloved motorcycle thru England’s green & pleasant countryside. Bright top notes of Bergamot, Lime & Ylang, herald a suggestion of sweet woody hedgerow, Blackcurrant, Clove & Galbanum rising from an earthier base of Sandalwood, Ambergris & Musk.

Booze & Baccy
Captain Fawcett’s collaboration with the World renowned Dandy & Gentleman about town Mr Ricki Hall, is an intense bespoke Eau De Parfum, with the unabashed warmth of masculine nostalgia. Fresh top notes of bay rum, zesty orange & bergamot combine with a luxuriant base of honeyed fresh tobacco leaves, dusty aromatic frankincense, maple-like benzoin & toasted vanilla bean, shot through with a layer of rich galbanum, white thyme & cool coriander.

Captain Fawcett’s collaboration with Sid Sottung produced a most outstanding Eau De Parfum. Inspired by the classic masculine aromas of New York’s old school Italian barber shops, Barberism™ is a timeless, yet refreshingly modern scent opening with elegant citrus Lime & Orange top notes soaring above a heart of fragrant Rose & Galbanum, grounded by an earthy base of green Cedarwood, Patchouli & Musk.

Alessandro Manfredini EDP
Captain Fawcett’s collaboration with Alessandro Manfredini has created an Eau de Parfum rich with memory. A most seductive Signature Series scent evocative of Italy’s capricious seasons. Woody spiced top notes of rosemary & star anise combine with mid notes of fresh green cyclamen on a bed of mineral ambergris, calming cedarwood & sun toasted tonka.


Captain Fawcett’s collaboration with The Jodhpur Company has resulted in Maharajah, a most noble Signature Series ‘Eau de Parfum’, redolent of India’s princely opulence. A tantalising, voluptuous fragrance conjuring the luxurious heat of enchanted Indian nights.


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