Ricki Hall’s Booze & Baccy Gift Set

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Captain Fawcett has created the ultimate Booze and Baccy Gift Set, rich with masculine memory and a SAVING of £25!.

This simply delectable range of grooming essentials has been created by Captain Fawcett and the World renowned Dandy and Gentleman About Town Mr Ricki Hall.

Ricki created Booze & Baccy as a tribute to his Dad, the kind of man a boy is proud to become. Ricki wanted to bring back “the smell of being an adult in the 70s and 80s – booze, cigarettes, leather, aftershave, pub – it’s a bit of time travel. And unapologetically masculine.” Indeed, it is no less than the fragrance of a man’s past...

Booze and Baccy is a rich and complex blend of essential oils with luxurious base notes of honeyed fresh tobacco leaves, dusty aromatic frankincense, maple-like benzoin, woody oak moss and warm exotic vanilla bean, layered with mid notes of fresh hops and sweet bog myrtle finished with the top notes of zesty orange and bay rum spice.

The Gift Set includes:

Ricki Hall's Booze & Baccy Beard Oil
Handmade in small batches by the Captain’s master blender, supplied in an amber glass bottle with rubber topped glass pipette for accurate dispensing.
50ml ℮ 1.7 fl.oz
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Ricki Hall Booze & Baccy Grooming Survival Kit
Cunningly concealed in a 2oz metal tobacco tin you will find Beard Oil, Moustache Wax and a rather splendid Moustache Comb these handy grooming tools are just the ticket, ensuring that you will be looking your most dapper at all times. Carry On.

  • Beard Oil (Signature Series) 10ml / 0.33 fl.oz
  • Moustache Wax 15ml / 0.5 fl oz
  • Folding Moustache Comb

    Ricki Hall Booze & Baccy Beard Balm
    This surely is the veritable icing on the cake for the hirsute man about town, a unique fusion of 5 base creams and exotic waxes along with 10 essential oils, qualify this handmade pomade as a simply must have addition to any gentleman’s grooming arsenal.
    Supplied in an aluminium tin with a screw top lid.
    60ml 2 fl oz

    Booze and Baccy Eau De Parfum by Ricki Hall
    50ml 1.7floz
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    Unfortunately ‘Eau De Parfum’ is categorised by Postal and Courier services as hazardous material and is subject to Dangerous Goodslegislation and shipping requirements. As such you will need to source Ricki Hall’s ‘Booze & Baccyfragrance from your local Captain Fawcett bricks and mortar outlet.

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