16 August

Posted on August 15, 2011 by Captain P. Fawcett

It just goes to show that 'you can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink’ or in Miss Proudfoot’s case ‘you can take a whore to culture but you cannot make her think’. Huumph. Fawcett. Pass the Port.

8 August

Posted on August 07, 2011 by Captain P. Fawcett

My family of course all hunted but I find myself disposed and incline toward Oscar’s sentiment that fox hunting was the past time of ‘the unspeakable in hot pursuit of the inedible’. The Captain.

4 July

Posted on July 03, 2011 by Captain P. Fawcett

‘Etiquette’ writes Lady Troubridge in her treatise on the subject ‘helps to make life pleasanter, more attractive to people of every class, to the weak and to the strong alike. Well-bred people understand that they must not be discourteous, coarse, vulgar of manner, unrestrained in conduct or careless of the comfort of others.’

In a nutshell ‘Manners maketh Man’ But not all paid heed to polite society’s constraints, sat in front of me was such a fellow... C.F.

21 May

Posted on May 21, 2011 by Captain P. Fawcett

Excerpt from 10 April:

‘Each holds his face bowed toward the ice, each of them testifies to the cold with his chattering mouth, to his heart's grief with tears that flood forever from his eyes.’   Dante

4 March

Posted on March 04, 2011 by Captain P. Fawcett

Blinky Blenkinsop? Queer cove, I had shared Druries house with him at school. Archbeak Pratchett once described him in a school report as the kind of boy ‘Who stood on Mountain tops during thunderstorms in wet copper armour shouting 'All the Gods are buffoons'" By which he meant if there was any trouble to get in to, rest assured Blinky found it!

The rumour abounded that Blinky was once again in the proverbial mulligatawny! What Ho. C.F.

6 January

Posted on February 13, 2011 by Captain P. Fawcett

Ah, God! One sniff of England --
To greet our flesh and blood --
To hear the traffic slurring
Once more through London mud!
Our towns of wasted honour --
... Our streets of lost delight!
How stands the old Lord Warden?
Are Dover's cliffs still white?

5 January

Posted on February 13, 2011 by Captain P. Fawcett

'We sail o' nights to England
And join our smiling Boards —
Our wives go in with Viscounts
And our daughters dance with Lords,
But behind our princely doings,
...And behind each coup we make,
We feel there's something waiting,
And — we meet It when we wake.'

21 December

Posted on February 13, 2011 by Captain P. Fawcett

Last night my dreams included twisted memories of drinking cocktails in the Cafe de Paris, teasing images dance before my eyes! Taunting me with shrill laughter, the clink of glasses and the strangled strains of Ambrose and his orchestra. The cacophony claws at my very soul.

To quote the bard “Were such things here as we do speak about? Or have we eaten on the insane root that takes the reason prisoner?” Y’Gads man, pull yourself together! C.F.

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