19 March

Posted on March 19, 2011 by Captain P. Fawcett

Hello Blinky. Have you come alone? He rasped. I reassured the fellow that I was indeed alone. He then began to ramble on, incoherent at times, suggesting a fiendish mysterious link between my friend The Sultan, Madame Betty ‘Clairvoyant to the Nobility’, Hassan the Egyptian Magician and Doris his charlady. He ranted on about the Shifting sands of Dahab, the Divine message contained within the great Pyramid, the Riddle of the Sphinx and The League of The Eastern Star. The man was clearly deranged, it grieved me to see such a once splendid fellow reduced to this, a veritable gibbering wreck. Good Lord! C.F.

22 January

Posted on February 13, 2011 by Captain P. Fawcett

Reaching into my waistcoat pocket I discovered a crumpled visiting card, on it was written the cryptic message 'Interested in time travel?...Meet me here last Thursday!' It was signed Madame Betty 'Clairvoyant to the Nobility' Ye Gads, somethings afoot! With out further ado I leave the hotel and hail a cab instructing the driver to take me to my lodgings in Camberwell and pronto. Time was of the essence! C.F.

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