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The Captain's Journals: 1-29 June 2011

Posted on June 01, 2011 by Captain P. Fawcett

1 June
But, for now at least, blow this for a game of soldiers. Quoting the late King and shouting at the top of my voice 'Bugger Bognor' I'm off again. With a veritable spring in my step - and a curl in my Moustache - I'm heading off to my beloved Scotland for a spot of fishing. Regards Fawcett P.S 'Nurse' ;}>
2 June
Just received the God awful news that, while ensconced in Baden Baden, Miss Allie Astell has undergone a treament administered by the infamous Frau Gruber that can be best described as barbaric and somewhat unsavoury to boot. My thoughts are with my erstwhile companion at this most difficult time. I hope and suggest that she keeps her back to the wall and maintains a stiff upper lip regardless. What Ho! Fawcett
3 June
Excellent News. My dear friend Hans Hockler - who incidentally fenced for Heidelberg University in 1931 - is acting as an envoy and interpreter whilst actively attempting to effect the release of dear Miss Allie Astell from the ruthless clutches of the so called 'Spa' in Baden Baden.
8 June
A thousand thanks are due to the dashing Herr Hockler for facilitating the successful release of Miss Allie Astell from the 'Spa' in Baden Baden. Well done Sir!

With my dear chum's recent safe passage home to Camberwell Camberwell in ample time, one should add to celebrate her birthday. All appears well in the world of Peabody Fawcett. But is all as it seems? C.F.
9 June
Comfortable in the knowledge that my errant biographer and sometime expedition organiser is now safely ensconsed at her London home- I am recuperating in Scotland. The guest of Sir James Williams at Dunkeld House his charming country seat.

This very afternoon was spent thigh deep in the Tay casting flies in the hope of a tug from an eager young salmon thrusting up stream to spawn. Alas no bites save that of the wretched midges. What ho, tomorrow is another day! Fawcett.
15 June
A splendid evening unfurled, sitting on the banks of the river imbibing a somewhat cheeky Margaux, James and I spread out in raptured conversation. We chin wagged at length sharing tales of past exploits and what might of been. The dusky tranquility punctuated with the occasional splash of trout eating their fill. C.F.
16 June
James Williams Bart, known as Tubby to his coterie of pals, was a veritable chancer. He blotted his copy book once and for all, whilst working for the Malay Rubber Co in the City of London. After a catalogue of increasingly unsavoury incidents he was obliged to leg it sharpish.

After numerous scrapes with the law in many a far off land and having had to exit Australia under a dark cloud, Tubby eventually dropped anchor in the Gulf of Mexico. C.F.
19 June
One could list amongst Tubby’s numerous vile habits, a taste for other men’s wives, the opium pipe and an unholy penchant for gambling. Having successfully wagered away his family’s fortune, the man could be best described as being somewhat 'down on his uppers' and was invariably strapped for cash. C.F.
20 June
Tubby on occasion frequented a squalid bordello which, doubling as a gambling den, was situated in a seedy part of Veracruz. An odious pit of iniquity known to it's incumbents as the ‘Last Chance’ saloon, it was a dingy, festering flophouse a home for the homeless, a dive for those who as we all know, always have a story. His mother, had she lived, would have wept buckets. C.F.
21 June
One early tequila hazed morning Tubby’s luck was about to change. The stakes were running high; the unsavoury characters that slumped around the table had been here all night. You could carve your name in the rancid, smoked filled air. Blowing on his hand Tubby rolled the dice……
22 June
Having pocketed the 350 US Dollars and the deeds for the abandoned silver mine in Taxco, Tubby staggered from the bar and was greeted by the dawn of a new bright day. The cove had struck it rich. The rest, my chortling chums, is history. What? C.F.
23 June
The following morning after a delightful breakfast that consisted of kedgeree and quails eggs and having agreed, on reflection rather rashly, to travel with Tubby later in the year to prospect for yet more wealth in the Black hills of South Dakota, I tipped the domestics and took my leave. What Ho. C.F.
29 June
Stopping at the post office on route to the railway station, I have just sent a letter containing a 5/- postal order to the charming Miss Allie Astell in Camberwell. I wished her well, reminded her to water the roses and suggested that she purchased a new hat to replace the one lost on her recent escapade in the Weimar republic. I also casually mentioned that I was bound for Wales, but would however stay in touch. Toodle Pip. Fawcett.

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