12 May

Posted on May 12, 2011 by Captain P. Fawcett

Excerpt from 8 April:

Disaster has struck! We have seemingly sparked of an international incident by unwittingly straying across an invisible border and illegally invading Russia. We have been apprehended by unpleasant belligerent, Bolshevik border guards who have interrogated us all at great length.

Russia is claiming that its sovereign territory has been violated and they have registered a formal complaint with both the Norwegian authorities in Oslo and the British Foreign Office. What balderdash.

Our whole expedition has been halted whilst this ongoing investigation takes place. Determined to maintain a stiff upper lip in the face of extreme adversity, I resort to applying a ration of the ‘Gentleman’s Stiffener’. Blowed if I will allow johnny foreigner to see me drooping and somewhat down in the mouth. What? C.F.

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