31 December

Posted on February 13, 2011 by Captain P. Fawcett

Got to the Port, found the authorities and ferreted out Crockart. After a brief exchange of pleasantries duly followed by a spot of Tiffen I came directly to the point and requested passage for yours truly and the whole expedition on this very evenings sailing to Tilbury.

‘Simply not possible’ intimated the cove. What said I? However a mere suggestion on my part, a small hint, a little reminder alluding to that unpleasantness in the remove common room all those years ago ensured I left with the required starboard berths!

Gleefully all and sundry clamber up the gang plank and board the good ship SS Chindwara bound for Blighty. The tub appears in poor shape, however one mustn't grumble! I was given the superb news that we had wrested the Ashes from the dreadful antipodeans!! Hurrah! Here's to 1933...
Aye Aye Captain ;}> C.F.

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