Keeping a Stiff Upper Lip, regardless...

25 December

Posted on February 13, 2011 by Captain P. Fawcett

Doled out a ration of my patent Pomade to the men in a bid to maintain the required stiff upper lip!

Obliged to take Pirie to one side and to tell him in no uncertain terms that we cannot let the blessed Yanks see a grown British man blubbing. Its not cricket! I suggested he man up and asked him to desist immediately from this lamentable display of spinelessness!

We have all shared in an absolutely fantastic Christmas dinner, consisting of some flat circular steak type concoction that the indigenous natives refer to as a bahgur! All washed down with lashings of a strange tasting ale called buddy light. This delightful repast has helped raise our collective spirit! I dispel quickly the whimsy of home and the distant memory of pulling a cracker. C.F.

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